Recruitment at Theta Chi (Epsilon)

During rush you will be considering if fraternal life if is for you. Questions may arise concerning what you will encounter and what will be expected of you throughout the Theta Chi Pledge Program. At Theta Chi, pledging is a time for learning and growth, both for you and for the Brotherhood.

We strongly feel that hazing has no place in the education of a pledge. It is detrimental to the new members as well as the Brotherhood. At no time will a pledge be physically, mentally or verbally abused. Becoming a Brother Pledging Theta Chi is truly a privilege. Our Pledge Program is top notch and it is used as a model program, not only among other chapters of Theta Chi, but with various fraternities across the nation. We feel our success is due to honest goals and strong objectives: To strive to help the pledge better himself as a person with self confidence and character, and to instill a feeling of pride and true brotherhood. Through these goals, brotherhood will flourish and Theta Chi will become a part of your life.