Incorporated in 1909, learn about the rich history and traits of Epsilon chapter.

Local History

Our Chaper here at was established in April of 1909. Theta Chi is the third oldest national fraternity represented on the WPI campus, and within our fraternity as a whole. With over 105 years of continuous operation, Epsilon Chapter has a rich history founded in traditions and brotherhood. It has moved house locations twice and is currently located on 85 Salisbury street. We are also the longest continuously runnning Theta Chi chapter ever

Our Chapter

Today, our chapter of Theta Chi strives to promote diversity, community involvement, and individual growth. Among our members are club presidents, student athletes, and Dean’s List recipients with a shared goal of benefitting our community for the betterment of our brothers. These brothers come from various backgrounds and cultures around the world andcontribute to a unique, tight knit brotherhood.Our chapter is also dedicated to the development of an expansive alumni network that creates connections and provides opportunities across generations. Through programs such as our Alumni Career Night we seek tomaintain strong ties to our past while forging a path for our current members’ futures.

The House

The chapter house at 85 Salisbury St. in Worcester has been ours since 1917. Through the years the house has undergone many changes to accommodate the ever changing brotherhood, as well as to keep up with the times. The house contains 31 bedrooms (Singles and doubles), capable of houseing over 60 members. With our house being recently completely renovated and rebuilt in 1965 as a fraternal house, we have spacious rooms, common areas on each floor, a library and alumni room as well as one of the biggest basements on campus. Alongside the Epsilon Building Association, we are constantly improving and upgrading the house.