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Brotherhood is a strong and essential part of our fraternity. If you have ever been on a competitive sports team or been heavily involved in a club at your high school, you may begin to have had an idea of what a brotherhood feels like. At Theta Chi, we extend that concept so much further.

Theta Chi is built around a lifetime of commitment and collaboration. Alumni brothers are always looking for opportunities to come back and visit or help out, even several years after graduation. Alumni brother John Huntington said, “Joining Theta Chi was the best decision I made in my college career. The friends I made will last a lifetime.” When you become a brother of Theta Chi, you join an elite group of men. Theta Chi establishes academic scholars, athletes, and leaders both during their stay on campus as students and in future endeavors after college.

2021 House Tour


With 50+ active members, our chapter has multiple academic programs, one such being the mentor-mentee program where underclassmen are assigned to upperclassmen with the same major for assistance. Every semester in order to prepare for the career fair, we host a range of alumni from various industries to help with resume critiquing and career planning.

Campus Involvement

Theta Chi also holds a vast network of connections on-campus. Our brothers are involved in club sports such as basketball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and rugby. We also hold positions in the Brazilian Student Association, Motorsport club, Engineers without Borders, Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers, Armenian Student Association, and multiple honor societies.


Over your four years of being part of Theta Chi, a very strong bond is formed between you and your brothers. As a result, we are one of the closest fraternities on campus. We also host socials with sororities and fraternities and social events such as formals and parties.

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