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           Theta Chi is one of the oldest college fraternities in North America. Founded in 1856, more than 175,000 members have enjoyed the Fraternity’s traditions, ideals and fellowship. Our undergraduates are

                                           leaders on campus, in the classroom, and on the field. The motto of Theta Chi is “The Helping Hand,” signifying our core ideal – service to Alma Mater, country, community, and all whom we meet in our personal and professional lives. It is in the spirit of this core idea that the WPI alumni of Theta Chi have launched a scholarship program to give recognition to arriving Freshmen who have demonstrated the principle of the Helping Hand in service to their home communities.

          Founded on the principle of friendship through the mutual assistance of every member, Theta Chi aims to provide its members with an enjoyable and fulfilling collegiate experience that also prepares them for rewarding, successful lives after graduation. From our ranks have come leaders in the industry, the sciences, law, medicine, education, military, and government at all levels. Many thousands of our alumni have carried the tradition of the Helping Hand into their neighborhoods, places of worship, communities, and local organizations, to share their leadership skills with others.

          Theta Chi Fraternity exists to serve a need for young men of character, principles, and ideals to associate with each other. Our chapters and colonies are laboratories for leadership. Our undergraduates grow, mature, and develop through interaction with other outstanding young men. Most importantly, our chapters and colonies provide the support for excellence that is sorely needed today on college and university campuses. That brotherhood comes in a wide and diverse variety of shapes, sizes, forms, colors, and fashions, but it reflects the concept of the Helping Hand -- that the most important duty that we have is to assist others, especially in time of need. Young people today are in need of that support, perhaps more than ever before. Theta Chi fraternity squarely meets that need.

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